Taxi Driver

1976 • 113 minutes
540 reviews
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About this movie

Martin Scorsese directed this disturbing portrait of a New York cabby, written by Paul Schrader. The cab driver is driven to madness by urban decay and becomes a one man vigilante killing several hoodlums to free a sub-teen hooker.
540 reviews
Terry Moore
September 20, 2019
Masterpiece. One of, if not the best character study in history of cinema. The movie may seem slow if you think it's an action film, that's why I think some are disappointed because the movie was considered extremely violent for that time period, it's meant to be a character study and when you watch it more than once you see and learn more. This isnt supposed to be taken, Bourne franchise, etc. If you want action, then you will be disappointed until the last 25 minutes or so. Masterpiece 100%
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Dan D
February 11, 2022
Meant to comment this years back when I watched it during the summer of 2020 outside and all I have to say is what an iconic, classical, legendary and amazing film this was. You honestly have to watch it for yourself. Like there's honestly so much to say, especially the soundtrack and it really goes to show how society actually is. Even to this day I still talk about it. This is by far one of my favorite highlights of the summer in 2020 at least despite the pandemic taking place and everything being locked down completely. Like the whole story is just amazing, like there's just so much to say about it. You don't even get bored at all but instead wondering as well as focused on what's going to happen next. It really brings another meaning to what being a hero is and how even now society is still somewhat the same with all that's happened. Such a legend Robert DeNiro is, one of the greatest of all times as well.
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D. K
August 16, 2015
quit my job cuz dis movie was to similar to my life. also travis da more I watch is not crazy. he's probably da only sane person in dis movie ; ) just don't take ur girl to da same place travis took his first date unless she's a hooker ,porn star ,stripper lesbian skank than its not okay. LOL
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