The 13th Warrior

1999 • 102 minutes
872 reviews
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About this movie

Antonio Banderas (The Mask of Zorro, Evita) brings huge star power to an immensely thrilling action-adventure from the hit-making director of Die Hard and The Thomas Crown Affair. An exiled ambassador far from his homeland, Ahmed (Banderas) comes across a fierce band of warriors who are being attacked by ferocious creatures legendary for devouring all living things in their path. When an old fortune-teller warns the soldiers that they are doomed to failure without a 13th warrior, Ahmed is given no choice but to join their battle and help conquer the mysterious enemy. Suspenseful and endlessly exciting, this exhilarating hit is sure to thrill anyone who enjoys action on an epic scale. (Original Title - THE 13TH WARRIOR) © 1999 Touchstone Pictures
872 reviews
Liam Cipher
September 26, 2016
Can't even begin to tell you how boring this film was. The beginning made no sense at all (and I payed as much attention I could), the characters are underdeveloped, the 3rd act was ridiculous, and not to mention it wasn't even 2 hours long, yet it felt longer than Batman V Superman. Disappointing, clichéd, and a script that was probably 4 and half pages long. Most of the time it was just people killing each other and other boring nonsense I could care less about. Can't say I expected much when I watched it
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James Schaeffer
February 23, 2016
I have never understood exactly why the critics panned this movie. It's Michael Crichton ' s first book written while he was still in med school. The acting is solid and the story full of action with a truly heroic end. And, it's all loosely based on Beowulf for crying out loud.
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Elizabeth John Collins
September 29, 2018
The coolest thing, it is partly based on the real story of how a diplomat from the Caliphate of Baghdad Ibn Fadlan encountered Vikings on the Volga a thousand years ago. The Viking Funeral in the movie is horrifyingly based on the real deal as observed at that time. I hope to live long enough to see this movie many more times
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