2018 • 87 minutes
15 reviews
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About this movie

Laid-back suburban everyman Darren "Dazza" Cook loves to entertain his friends and neighbours with his weekly backyard barbecues, utilizing the ancient rum-barrel barbecue that family legend prescribes as having come from Cpt James Cook’s Endeavour. Unexpectedly thrust into the limelight by his employer when an International BBQ Festival comes to town, Dazza needs to sharpen up his act, so enlists the guidance of the mysterious Scottish chef known only as “The Butcher”. As Dazza hones his chops perfecting the perfect steak, his 12-year-old son Jayden is challenged to prove the dubious Cook family ancestral link, with unexpected results.Set in an unnamed, contemporary, multicultural, average Australian backyard, THE BBQ is a gentle comic fable about the quest for the perfect steak.
15 reviews
Google fucked up my email Stef
July 7, 2018
This movie was ok. I thought it would be much better with Magda in, but I found it a bit cliche and boring. The acting in some areas was stifled and wooden and the overall plot was also not particularly great. Seeing it once was definitely enough. Not worth seeing on the big screen but ok for a slow afternoon if there is nothing better to watch.
A Google user
July 27, 2018
Terrible movie,its only saving grace is the storyline and character of the son if it wasn't for that 1 🌟 found myself drifting off,thinking about bills i had to pay and what time Richmond were playing,boring as batdung,no lol moments other than the prawn scene at the beginning,save your coin its a woeful film
I'm just Saying
August 1, 2018
Not bad...not great but maybe a rainy weekend would be perfect, a couple of laugh out loud moments.