The Equalizer

2014 • 132 minutes
17.2K reviews
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McCall, who has put his mysterious past behind him, comes out of self-retirement to serve vengeance against anyone who would brutalize the helpless.

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17.2K reviews
Chris Banzet
January 9, 2015
Man oh man! I've been a BIG Denzel Washington fan, but this one was definitely straight up there with the best! The cool and calm intentions equal to his cool character he played in "John Q" and Masterful and precision fighting like his character in "The Book of Eli" and the cunning wit like with chess like precision, equal to his character in training day. Like fine wine, Denzel's movies just get better and better, while other stars seem to get a pass because we know their age and give them a pass on slower action scenes. But with Denzel, we just expect it to be flawless, and he delivers! Glad I bought this movie instead of just renting it, because it's a man's action flick all the way with the nice deep story line that will attract the right female looking for a strong plot and great action. There's few actors who movies I'll buy simply because they're the leading role, but with Denzel, I never even watch the trailers. He just exudes the energy, poise and precision you look for in an action super star... Forget the knit picking remarks from some comments, I think people believe by default they're supposed to find "something".
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William Rowland
December 27, 2014
Just went to go see this movie little of Chloe was seen in this movie but Denziel killed it and I'm not talking about the bad guys The First 20 has you strapped to your seat because thats when the action begins. It will have you afraid to use the restroom because you think you might miss it all and there's a 99.9% chance you will. Go see the superhero who's power's are no better than Batman's but still does way more damage.
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Eric Parker
January 23, 2015
of Man on Fire. Denzel Washington has great acting chops as fans of his movies know. The script isn't going to give you the same depth in performance that you would see in The Manchurian Candidate or Hurricane but it's non-stop action for a good part of the movie and definitely violent and, if you're ok with that, definitely entertaining.
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