The Girl Who Believes in Miracles

2021 • 99 minutes
64 reviews
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About this movie

When Sara hears a preacher say faith can move mountains, she starts praying. Suddenly people in her town are mysteriously healed! But fame soon takes its toll – can Sara’s family save her before it’s too late?
64 reviews
Patricia Dault
September 14, 2021
I've seen it myself what God does with healing and I loved this movie!! Christ is our healer just believe and have faith..I could watch it a dozen times. I've laid hands on people and they were healed..God is real and Christ paid the price so by his stripes we are healed...again just believe and receive what Christ did for us 2000 years ago. 🙌👐👏🙏
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Spliffy DayZ
June 26, 2021
It's funny the people argue about the "truth" but have no realization that God nor Jesus actually existed in the ways they believe. For example, Jesus didn't turn water into wine, he got grapes, those grapes had juice or "water" because juice wasn't a word in that time., so yes, he fermented grape water, into wine. The religion is a metaphors for living. Jesus and God are as real as the Easter bunny and Santa . Have faith, but don't push yours into others without understanding the other side.
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Ember Legacy
June 4, 2021
I havn't even watched anything but the trailor yet and it filled me with such longing and the beauty of her child like innocent faith and I cried. Ill add more once Ive seen it, but if the trailor can move my heart like that the film most be worth the watch. If nothing more then the healing abilities of a mustard size seed of faith.
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