The Grudge

2019 • 93 minutes
127 reviews
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About this movie

A curse born in Japan is simultaneously unleashed in the U.S. Those who encounter it are consumed by its fury and met with a violent fate. Producer Sam Raimi brings us the untold chapter of this horror classic starring Andrea Riseborough, Demián Bichir, John Cho, Betty Gilpin with Horror Movie Legend Lin Shaye (INSIDIOUS, OUIJA), and Jacki Weaver in the darkest, creepiest, most shocking film in the series.
127 reviews
Bray Zeisloft
March 27, 2020
Everyone saying this is a remake has obviously not seen it. It's a sequel set after the first remake in 2004 and then before the grudge 2. Overall good movie. Creepy. People are so picky nowadays. It's truly annoying. And people need to learn how to spell and type sentences fully. Y'all be missing words in your reviews and they do not make sense. That's to the reviews giving it low reviews. Must be fakes.
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James T
June 25, 2020
Set after The Grudge between and during The Grudge 2 timline. This film takes us on a tale of another curse that is connected to the first film. It is paced as the others in a style and is a bit more violent than its predecessors. Yet it has a charm and sense of itself as a stand alone if you had never watched a mny of the other Grudge films. The score is terrific especially towards the third act's crescendo reveal. Definitely a must watch for any fan of this particular type of film.
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Aiming High
July 7, 2020
As a person who comes from Japan heritage this movie is a FLOP! Japan, we have some scary "curses" but this movie made it seem like Japan curses were just horrible. The movie is not suspenseful or scary at all like most horror.This is the remake of the grudge nobody asked for. Stick with the original grudge don't waste your damn money on this garbage.
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