The Grudge 3

2009 • 90 minutes
167 reviews
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About this movie

From Ghost House Pictures, the makers of 30 Days of Night and The Grudge, comes the next installment in The Grudge series. How do you stop a curse that never dies? Jake, the sole survivor of The Grudge 2 massacre, is tortured by chilling visions of Kayako and Toshio that have led to his hospitalization. Jake's caretaker, Dr. Sullivan (SHAWNEE SMITH, the Saw series) is determined to investigate his horrifying tales. She explores his Chicago home, finding another family on the brink of succumbing to the curse. It becomes clear that Jake's terrifying stories are true, and a mysterious Japanese woman may be the only hope of banishing the spirits forever...unless her plan destroys them all. © 2009 B and G Derivatives Holdings, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
167 reviews
Damian Yeary
January 21, 2016
All of the movies are freaking scary! I was actually disappointed in myself because I wouldn't go to sleep. All of the movie is freaky and then the girl is the most scary on but the boy not so really I really hope they come out with the fourth one. And the part I think is scary is that everything that has lines of black or black thing in a picture anything and she can appear out of a shadow, that is a freaking scary thing.
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Jorden Pasols
January 30, 2016
Terrifying. I think it's without a doubt the Best Grudge movie in the series. I liked how this one became bloodier and more terrifying than the first two combined...but that's just my opinion.
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Yasmin Ordonez
November 13, 2014
I watched it yesterday with my two friends and we were screaming a lot we were so scared we don't want to be alone at night anymore cuz we think that he or she might Come out of nowhere
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