The Hidden Hand: Alien Contact and the Government Cover-up

2013 • 80 minutes
43 reviews
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About this movie

The Hidden Hand is a controversial EBE Award winning documentary that explores the possibility of an extraterrestrial presence here on Earth. The film takes a keen look at a range of topics like alien abduction, human/alien hybridization, the military’s reverse-engineering of alien technology and the government cover-up of anything related to extraterrestrials. Is preoccupation with the extraterrestrial a form of cultural madness or is something really going on? How would E.T. contact change the religious and political institutions of our society? The shadowy world of UFOs is suddenly brought to light.
43 reviews
Shane Ward
September 24, 2013
Well done documwntary. Great for anyone curious about some of the things going on behind the scenes, that most people wont talk about. Some of the content is on youtube, but its nice to have a quick summary like this, done by professionals. This is worth the few bucks to watch.
Rebecca Hardcastle Wright
September 17, 2013
Secrets, even those concealed by once trusted macro organizations like the government, when revealed are primarily personal, micro. The personal is where the undoing happens, allowing change to seed and take root. James Carman's film The Hidden Hand seeds every viewer with UFO Extraterrestrial information. Initially this information activates harsh realities about our once trusted government, yet most of the pain is personal. Yes, we were lied to, but where it touches the tenderest nerve is that we lied to ourselves. The movie The Hidden Hand will...well, move you. However you awaken, please do it gently and thank James for his art and his courage. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind
Melodious Blitz
July 1, 2014
Complete garbage. Don't get me wrong, I usually like these kinds of documentaries and how they raise intriguing questions. But THIS one had NO foundation whatsoever! There was barely any info on potential coverups and such, just a bunch of dubious secondhand stories and presumptions on aliens. PLEASE, DO NOT WASTE MONEY; i promise you'd probably be more I satisfied with Ancient Aliens, or something.