The Hunting Ground

2015 • 103 minutes
152 reviews
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This year's most incendiary film is a startling exposé of sexual assault on college campuses that follows two courageous activists as they unmask a nationwide cover-up. Includes exclusive interview by football star Jameis Winston's accuser.
152 reviews
Erin Ashmore
March 10, 2016
For those who gave poor reviews saying these stories were lies, you missed the point. I know first hand why so many girls hesitate to report a rape, if at all. It's an unbelievably vile act that no one deserves, yet we've convinced ourselves that victims don't deserve justice. You can't "ask to be raped." When a small number of repeated perpetrators are responsible for the vast majority of rapes, it's the school's job to respond and protect potential victims if police don't.
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Farrokh Emami
September 2, 2015
Very Interesting Documentary with some scary and sensible statistics. This documentary reminds me that unfortunately human being has not changed since the stone-age. We've only changed our outfit. .... Recommend it to ALL
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Susan Kischmischian
February 13, 2016
I hope that this is shown to all college students; both male and female. This documentary is riveting, astounding, upsetting, emotional and empowering to watch. A must watch. This "taboo act", must be brought to the attention by all and that sexual assault of any form will not be tolerated.
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