The Keep

1983 • 95 minutes
82 reviews
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About this movie

It is World War II in German-occupied Romania. Nazi soldiers have been sent to garrison a mysterious fortress, but a nightmarish discovery is soon made. The Keep was not built to keep anything out. The massive structure was, in fact built to keep something in...
82 reviews
Brandon Maschal
August 28, 2021
If ever a movie needed a remake, this is the one. A fantastic story and some excellent acting completely ruined by budget limitations, studio edits and production problems. The epic 3.5 hour original version was brutally cut down to 90 minutes and no plans to remaster to 4K (or even just bluray) exist at this time. Licensing issues that still exist to this day mean there will likely never be a remake or reboot of this exceptional story. Rent it and know you're seeing a poor quality, chopped up version of a great film. You may still love it as much as I do.
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T Heilman
January 27, 2015
...however truncated it was by studio morons. Be aware though, that the streaming video here is pretty terrible (even for SD), it is smeary and pixelated whenever there is any movement onscreen. I would recommend renting, but not buying until this gets a proper digital release.
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Minds Eye
June 20, 2016
This is a classic...the monster is hokey I always thought but just a different take on the vampire mythos...feature piece for some of the great character actors
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