The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot

2019 • 97 minutes
87 reviews
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About this movie

An American war hero who secretly assassinated Adolf Hitler has now been called upon to take out another global threat – Bigfoot.

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87 reviews
Eddie Lawrence
March 11, 2019
While the title offers the viewer a trip into the surreal world of hidden conspiracy and coverups, underneath all this is the utter longing of a lonely man whose hope and dream of spending his life with the love of his life has been buried by his call to serve his country. Though somewhat mythical the truth is many have sacrificed their hopes and dreams for the same call. The weaving together of flashbacks and current story is well-done. It's exciting to see that the "old guy" still has steel in his spine and a willingness to sacrifice once again when duty calls. Yet, lingering on is the memory of a love that could never be coupled to the ache for the love that almost was. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed Elliott's role well played. It left me with a sadness which is the very emotion embedded in the leading character's journey in the film. Watch it and appreciate the sacrifice of the many who left the one they wanted to be with more than any other to serve the many who would never know the price they paid.
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Yer yang
May 23, 2020
A friend told me about this movie, otherwise a movie with this title is one I'd always skip. But, surprisingly, its actually pretty good. In the indie-films scene, you could say pretty damn good. It is SLOW, but the great acting and story will keep your attention throughout. You learn just enough about the main character and theres enough action for me not to be too picky- bigfoot could've looked better though. If its cheap- rent this!
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Us3are 1
March 25, 2019
If you're wondering if you should be interested in this movie keep reading and I'll try to give my biased opinion. This movie is not an action movie. It is a drama about a man replaying certain events in his life. It is slow and touching and way better than any movie I've seen recently. It was a breath of fresh air in that there is nothing sexual or unnecessarily vulgar in the movie (can't remember any swearing). It's a well-made, philosophical love story you can watch with your spouse.
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