The Neon Demon

2016 • 117 minutes
663 reviews
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About this movie

When aspiring model Jesse moves to Los Angeles, her youth and vitality are devoured by a group of beauty-obsessed women who will use any means necessary to get what she has.
663 reviews
brock west
May 3, 2020
An absolute masterpiece. Best soundtrack and cinematography in well over twenty years. It basically functions as a mannerist film, if there is such a thing, in that everyone's movements and dialogue is extremely mannered. Not for the squeamish, but all the extremity is there with good reason, and never just for the sake of being shocking. One of my favorite films.
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j stambaugh
September 11, 2016
The director, writer and every actor should be banned from ever producing movies again. It literally hurt my soul watching this. Edison would've destroyed his camera prototype if he knew it would eventually be used to create this pile of garbage.
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Stine Martinez
March 11, 2017
I wanted to stop watching it every 10 minutes because I thought something would happen and it didn't! It had very long pauses to the point where I thought it was freezing, however it was just the movie. The movie itself was really weird and I think they should have had a regular story line instead of this big metaphors for everything. No wonder why it was only 99 cents to rent, it sucked and it was quite disturbing.
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