The Pacifier

2005 • 95 minutes
1.34K reviews
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About this movie

Walt Disney Pictures presents action hero Vin Diesel in a fast-paced comedy smash. Lt. Shane Wolfe (Diesel) is a tough-as-nails Navy S.E.A.L. who has controlled military operations in every corner of the globe. Now the ultimate test comes when he's assigned to protect the home front ... as in a house loaded with five out-of-control kids! But even when he trades combat gear for diapers and juice boxes, it's not just a babysitting job -- it's an adventure!
1.34K reviews
Killjoy II
June 27, 2015
The script is absolute crap coming up with an absolutely horrible plot with nothing special. It comes up with events that would never be possible. It has no new ideas. The whole story line has already been done before MANY times and this movie takes last place. The acting was so bad you could tell no heart or soul was put into this movie. I was extremely dissatisfied with the acting of Vin Diesel. His role in F&F was amazing but he ruined my thoughts of him with this crap fest of a movie.
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Tim Greer
February 5, 2015
Funny thing to me how the so-called "critics" always hate the movies that audiences love. Vin Diesel follows in the footsteps of other big-name action stars like Arnold Schwartzenegger and Dwayne Johnson, and lightens up for an hour and a half or so to make kids laugh. He does so very well, indeed. At times I had to pause the movie to catch my breath from laughing so hard! Kids and parents alike have nothing but praise for The Pacifier -- and they, not the critics, are the target audience.
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Amber Mason
April 18, 2015
I thoroughly enjoyed this family action movie from Disney! Vin was fantastic! The movie was just intense enough for older viewers, yet had just the right amount of corny to make it fun for a younger audience. Add the plot twists and unpredictability, it made for a amazing and enjoyable film! Vin Diesel nailed it! I just wish the critics were actually in touch with what the general audience likes. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 20 percent while viewers gave it a much higher rating. Obviously a great family film! Take that, critics!
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