The Perception

2019 • 80 minutes
2 reviews
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About this movie

Richard (Jon Wright), an uninspired novelist suffering from paranoid delusions, suspects his young and beautiful wife, Haley (Sandi Gardner), of having an affair. He hires Matt (Nick Bateman) to confirm his suspicions but the plan goes terribly wrong. As the twisting plot unfolds, the line between reality and dream begins to blur; only Nick (Eric Roberts), Richard’s old friend and agent, is there to hold him back from the brink of insanity.
2 reviews
Shi Yu Lin (Violet Rachel Lin)
May 21, 2019
The film has a lot of twists and the director could make the audiences thrilled and excited. What I like of this film is those twists. Although it can be said that it makes a fine film, the film seems to be amateur and low budget one. And also it's kind of boring. I had to endure to see how it was going to finish. So, if they coule improve it's quality and make it less boring, it'd be better than this for sure.
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