The Piano

1993 • 115 minutes
33 reviews
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About this movie

Mute pianist, Ada arrives in 19th Century New Zealand, with her daughter and beloved piano, as the reluctant participant in an arranged marriage. Of all her belongings her husband abandons only the piano, selling it to his illiterate neighbour, Baines. Unable to bear its certain destruction, Ada strikes a bargain to earn back her piano despite the unusual conditions attached. A tour de force in filmmaking, The Piano received three Academy® Awards including Best Actress* and Best Supporting Actress*. 1992 Jan Chapman Productions and Ciby 2000. All Rights Reserved
33 reviews
Dawn Garrett
December 2, 2020
This movie is not about a piano. It’s about being seen and adored as one is. It’s about being deeply appreciated with ones flaws and quirks and brokenness. It’s about the person that sees you and how that transcends rules and expectations and social stature. It’s about wordless understanding of one’s deepest passion and purpose and being able to rest in that place with the one that gets you. It’s about the difficult road to bliss and how it is so worth it.
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Paul Obrien
May 3, 2016
Than title suggests to us as we picture. A very confronting movie with some serious content
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Terri Gordon
August 28, 2016
A gorgeously filmed movie with a beautiful soundtrack. Thoughtful and provocative. Stays with you.
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