The Princess Diaries

2001 • 115 minutes
1.69K reviews
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About this movie

Starring Academy Award® winner Julie Andrews (Best Actress), the enchanting Anne Hathaway, and Hector Elizondo, THE PRINCESS DIARIES is a cool, comical Cinderella story that will touch your heart. For teenager Mia Thermopolis (Hathaway), just surviving each school day is an adventure. Then the shocking news arrives that she's a real-life princess! So begins a comical transformation towards poise and princess-ness, including a media storm, jealous schoolmates, and a plot to take over her country.
1.69K reviews
Nancy Crauder
March 25, 2015
I own this movie and could never get tired of watching it. The story line is quite relational in that girls in their teens, who are used to a certain life style, and all of a sudden they find out they are someone else, and are expected to act in a totally different way.
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Deborah Elizabeth
March 29, 2015
I just wish the two movies where closer to the books, especially the second movie. If you've read the books, then you'd know that the second movie diverts from the story line so far that they have Michael and Mia be "just friends". Its a nice alternative but its hard to watch after reading the books. Also, anyone else hate that they wrote off Mia's dad as dead? What's up with that? Plus, saying that she never even met him! That's crazy. In the book, she spent summers with her dad and grandmere.
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