The Red Pill

2017 • 117 minutes
1.31K reviews
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When a feminist filmmaker sets out to document the mysterious and polarizing world of the Men's Rights Movement, she begins to question her own beliefs.
1.31K reviews
Paul Wuertz
May 3, 2017
It's hard for me to judge The Red Pill fairly, because it's a movie about the director slowly learning about the evils of feminism (and in particular, its false narrative that men's rights advocates are pathetic women-haters), which is all old news to me. I saw that a feminist gave this movie only one star, and ridiculed its repeated mentions of the fact that almost all workplace fatalities are men. Although the feminist's casual contempt for the thousands of men who died while doing dangerous jobs is disgusting (but not surprising...), she does have a point - the first half hour of the movie really does bog down with interview footage of different men rights' activists repeating basically the same stats about dead men. If you are trying to convince a feminist in your life to watch this movie to convince her that men have legitimate grievances, you should skip ahead to the 43 minute mark for a heart-wrenching personal story about the abuse a man suffered from his partner and then the family courts. That story is the soul of this movie. (Or better yet, just get her to watch Dear Zachary instead).
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David Matthys
March 8, 2017
If your thinking about not watching this movie because of the "critic review" by Alan Scherstuhl. I honestly would would ignore it. He doesn't address any points made by the movie and just brow beats about how terrible Paul Elam and the Men's right movement is as a whole. This is a great documentary. it's way less unbiased than most documentaries and does really attempt to show both sides of the arguments. I do not know if the feminist in the movie were misrepresented (lord knows they will claim to be) but they defiantly came off as liars and smug know it all. If you disregard all that you know and just go into the movie with a blank slate then even the movies own statistics are against the feminist camp. The only reason I'm not more harsh about this representation is because it would not surprise me that this is just how they acted and thought. though I guess that shows my bias as well. I do not consider myself an MRA I still don't feel like Identifying as one but I do still think these conversations need to be had without just trying to completely shut them down because it goes counter to the feminist narrative. Which is something the movie talks about a lot. I hope you watch.
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March 17, 2017
As witnessed by all of the dozens of long detailed comments, the one and only type of this documentary has been very long in the waiting, and even then brickwalls were threw in it's making at every opportunity. And what was so sick and rancid about this particular documentary? A few dissolutioned and desperate men whom have been lied about and financially broken, as the judicial system picks them up and spits them out, but however the worse thing is having their children ripped from their lives, just because they can be. Don't you think it says more about the individuals mindset when they attempt to shut down such an inoffensive film, when all that is asked is a fair hearing? Anyway, after many years out in the cold, the MRA as a representative part of many men who have had their guts ripped out and go quietly dissappear without a voice, are afforded this invaluable two hour mainstream film as made by the wonderful Cassie Jay. This should be of as much concern to women just as much as men to watch, as the marriage rate is declining rapidly as boy's witness what happened to their fathers, then grow up they have begun withdrawing from society as they fill their time with video games, the internet and maybe short term relationships instead, as the divorce rate climbs. Like any organisation feminism started with a very worthy cause and good intentions, but it has more than achieved it's goals and with just a hardcore of hangers-on trying to keep it relevant being left, whose chef goal now appears to be attempting to make both men and women as miserable as they feel, by taking young female collage students and indoctrinating them into being hateful towards men, just because they don't want to see them or anyone happy. If you haven't before, take some time to listen to the otherside and their concerns, as men in these types of situations need women to stand-up for them because many don't like to appear as they are 'complaining', this needs to be approached before the rot sets in to far to stop.
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