The Shawshank Redemption

1994 • 142 minutes
486 reviews
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About this movie

A prominent banker unjustly convicted of murder spends many years in the Shawshank prison. He is befriended by a convict who knows the ropes and helps him to cope with the frightning realities of prison life. MPAA Rating: R (c) 1994 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Ratings and reviews

486 reviews
Robin Ogle
January 22, 2015
Innocent white middle-class godfearing American is sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit. Despite spending the next few decades inside (and being repeatedly sodomised for the first few years) he earns a position of trust with the prison authorities, makes friends with a BLACK prisoner, retains his humanity and (eventually - just as you're falling asleep) escapes his unjust incarceration. A film suitable for cabbages, potatoes and all other types of viewers in a PVF (Persistent Vegetative State).
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PKM Media
April 27, 2020
one of the best films i have ever seen, in terms of the journey you are taken on, the chemistry between Robbins and Freeman and the all round cast (clancy brown is excellent as the vicious prison guard) it gets sentimental but the score and ending for me remain up there as completely satisfying.
Tom M
September 29, 2013
I'd only watched this for the first time last year. This film was given such high praise I had to watch it, and when I did it didn't disappoint. The story itself is an up and down rollercoaster, and its amazing how the time flew for the audience, yet lasted forever for the characters. Morgan's performance was brilliant and the ending was one of the most emotional and satisfying I'd ever come across. This is in my top 5 all time movies and deserves its high praise