The Tiger (Subbed)

2016 • 139 minutes
54 reviews
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About this movie

An ex-sharpshooter for the Kingdom of Korea (CHOI Min-sik, OLDBOY) is hunting the country's last tiger. But Japanese forces and vicious local poachers also seek "The Four-Legged Mountain Lord," and will stop at nothing to claim their prey.
54 reviews
August 21, 2016
This was a very well told story. It paid respect to the connection between man and the animals we share the planet with. It is a tragedy, but a strong lesson. Man may have superior weaponry and numbers, but his vanity pays a high price in valuable life. This film demonstrates the shear folly of how human pride and ego can spend so easily precious human life. When will these stories no longer need to be told. This film enlightens and the rugged life lived by the characters inspires respect for those who made right choices despite the world they lived in. In reality, many of those same choices can be made today.
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Amy Mateer
May 16, 2022
Probably my favorite Korean movie. So sad, so beautiful. A truly wonderful film that is a bit of a fable or fairy tale. The lives of both man and tiger are intertwined with parallel tragedies. Choi Min-sik was the perfect choice for the role of the hunter. He brings respect to the character, which is necessary considering the subject matter. Keep the tissues handy. Expect your heart to break, and watch it anyway. An outstanding film.
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D L (Silver Rain)
June 8, 2021
Compassion has unintended consequences when a man and beast face off. But who is the real monster here? As outsiders invade their soil the local inhabitants of all forms are faced with death and destruction. A tragic and elaborate telling of how cruel human nature can really be as a proud animal is hunted needlessly into extinction. At a crucial moment, a past memory triggers a forgotten emotion and provokes a deep respect between bitter rivals.
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