They Call Us Monsters

2017 • 81 minutes
93 reviews
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Juan, Jarad and Antonio, all between 14 and 16, face decades in prison. To pass the time, they sign up for a screenwriting class and collaborate on a short film about their lives, including Juan’s unrequited love for his childhood friend, Abigail. Halfway through the class, Antonio returns to juvenile court and gets released with time served. Back home, he struggles to avoid the same patterns that first got him locked up. Meanwhile, the realities of Jarad and Juan’s crimes set in. One of Jarad’s victims is only 17 herself and will be confined to a wheelchair for life. Juan faces deportation once eventually released, separating him from his family, including his baby son. While the gravity of their crimes haunts every frame, these young men are still simply teenagers. Do they deserve a second chance? The question is a societal conundrum beyond legislation and data. To their advocates, they're kids. To their critics, they’re monsters.

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93 reviews
Damien Andrew
February 25, 2017
I have no sympathy for people who decide that violence is the answer. I have less than none for people who support them & feel they should be allowed to stay here & let's be honest painted as victims
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Joanne Sankey
March 22, 2017
Interesting look at the young people whom society calls monsters & what has gone on for them in their young lives. More needs to be done/support given within communities to stop lives being wasted in this way.
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Oscar Sandoval
June 7, 2017
Great documentary that gives you insight in the lives of a few kids that most of society has already written off.
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