2007 • 143 minutes
110K reviews
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About this movie

From director Michael Bay and executive producer Steven Spielberg comes a thrilling battle between the heroic Autobots® and the evil Decepticons®. When their epic struggle comes to Earth all that stands between the Decepticons® and ultimate power is a clue held by young Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf). Unaware that he is mankind's last chance for survival Sam and Bumblebee his robot disguised as a car are in a heart-pounding race against an enemy unlike anything anyone has seen before. It's the incredible breath-taking film spectacular that USA Today says "will appeal to the kid in all of us."
110K reviews
Kyle Vansteelandt
May 2, 2020
Transformers is a dumb unremarkable let-down, due to it's cartoonishly dull writing and characters and does not have a robust flavor within it's structure. Michael Bay has made all of the characters like cartoon characters that are not fleshed out because of the ridiculous script-writing and underdeveloped characterizations. Not to mention that these characters and robots are forgettable two-dimensional characters that have very little something to add, just by helping out each other. But, the acting is very decent enough; I mean, there is not much to say about the acting in general. There is nothing funny about this movie, I did chuckle 4 times because it had 2 sharp visual gags and 1 bit of dialogue, but one in particular is forgettable, and this movie is not a comedy. As an action movie, it literally lacks it's genre thrills, because (again) the movie has no punch or flavor within it's entertainment value. The music score is pretty much just a robust large-scale epic score, but there is nothing fresh about the score. The score is simplistic, forgettable, and has very little emotion, but the only redeeming quality of the score is the choir; the choir adds extra "oomph" to the emotion, but it's not clearly emotional. The movie's wafer-thin narrative is uninspired with no powerfully rich layers and consists 2 or 3 moments where the screenplay lurches from plot point to plot point without questions answered. The camera shakes very often (particularly) during the action sequences. There is this lazy moment where Shia's character Sam is driving a car, but there is this white background, while the camera shakes and the car shakes too, and there is nothing that was passing by, it's just overblown and it will fool us into thinking that he is actually driving.The only character I liked the most is the imposing and all-powerful Optimus Prime, because he is a tough big-hearted leader, but he is just plain. But, the movie has information where the autoboots and the decepticons came from, and tells us what would happen if the decepticons win and the autoboots lose, and has provided some teamwork to protect the planet and the human race. The special effects are absolutely top-notch. It's amazing how a smart and consistent ensemble of effects artists and supervisors figures out how to turn a vehicle into a robot with plenty of detail. And there is some incredible sound effects too. The cast for these giant powerful robots are first-rate too; Peter Cullen has delivered an impressive and powerful voice performance that's deep and warm. To conclude: There is really not much to say about Transformers. This is not my kind of flick. But that does not mean that the audience (boys, robot fans, action fans, and a couple like a boyfriend or girlfriend either in there teens or 20s) won't enjoy it or not like it. They will. Recommended.
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A Google user
January 27, 2016
Initially watched, I liked the movie. I didn't LOVE it. There was a lot to get over. As a TF semi-fan, I've seen all of the G1 cartoons and most of the U.S based stuff that came after. I've even tried to watch some of the foreign versions but they're a bit on the corny side, even for a TF lover. Anyway, there of course was the departure from that cartoon look which was understandable. The big hubbub about robot lips turned out to be nothing because to me it actually looked really good. In the end, the unfortunate part where TF falls flat is story, and heart. The movie has no heart. There's no feel good part of it, you don't get very emotional because unlike the robots in the cartoons, these guys (save for OP and Bumblebee) don't particularly care for human beings so you don't really care for them either. The story falls flat because they've changed up a lot of TF history and didn't really get into details until later films - and even then it still doesn't mesh as well as the story from the cartoons and comics. Finally, you can't see very much of the fights as they're just too fast and frantic. TF is a good popcorn movie at best but nothing to impress.
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H. R.
March 14, 2015
I have always liked this movie. The character Shia LaBeouf portrays has a really good sense of humor. Sometimes he was intentionally trying to be funny. At times he got himself in or found himself in a situation he might not want to be in and was funny anyway. I don't believe there's too much cursing, which makes it nice in a family setting. Two 👍s up from me.