Transformers: The Last Knight (Digital)

2017 • 154 minutes
6.03K reviews
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About this movie

From Director Michael Bay and Executive Producer Steven Spielberg comes the best Transformers yet (The Telegraph). Our world's greatest hero becomes our fiercest enemy when Optimus Prime launches a mission to save Cybertron by destroying Earth. Now Bumblebee and Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) must lead the Autobots against their former ally in the ultimate battle to save mankind from annihilation.
6.03K reviews
Lightning McQueen
June 29, 2017
I love Transformers! The 1st one, when it came out was so well put together. From there is has steadily gone down hill.The 2nd one was ok, 3rd one I really liked .The 4th was extremely disappointing because it seemed to me it was disconnected from the actual story line plus it was really about trying to have big Hollywood names sell the picture which began to really fail miserably. I was so excited to see this one was coming out but after watching it it became clear that the Transformers brand became only about new innovative CGI ( which is no doubt amazing) But Michael Bay or the script writer who wrote this should go back to writing scripts for a Wesley Snipes movie.It was a very poor attempt to connect this to any other Transformers movies. Won't spoil it but you will see the obvious parts from past movies trying to link one another.. I could not follow this movie. I don't think anyone could. It jumps around from one group to another . Almost seems like they edited so much of each scene it rivals the news channels where even though you are aware that their is more to it yet only get certain sound bytes to only push out the juicy stuff. Only difference between the two is the CGI...Optimus Prime had always had a somewhat over the top Humble, Generous,wise, moralistic script but it was tolerable until these last two Transformers movies.Again, I don't want to spoil it you will be able to see it urself. A blind man could see it.. I used to disagree with Michael Bay leaving the Transformer brand, felt like someone else would screw it up but ya, if Transformers continues Michael Bay and or the writers need to step away from it.They are damaging the brand at this point.
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Sam Odigboh
January 15, 2018
I love transformers with a passion and to see what has happened make me sad the nemisis prime aspect was poorly done. The attempt to change transformers lore has gotten so bad over the years that it's just laughably awful. The biggest fight was literally over as it began and the it went the way you thought it would. The CGI was great but the the story was awful. Things like quintessa prime isn't the way it was supposed to be. The human cast was forgettable and weak the supporting cast of humans and robot cast were just as forgettable if not irritating and it so painful because in the last movie while not great there were seeds for more development of characters that was planted. Here they just made Drift a racist joke, and the other Autobots aside from bumble bee and Optimus prime useless. And the premise that Optimus was going to be a major plot point was only crippled by the fact that he was there for only twenty minutes only to disappear for another fifteen only to come back for another twenty and have a few five minute stints in the beginning making barely a 40 minute appearance in a 2 hour and 35 minute film. Overall a bad movie from one of my favorite things ever and I hope they fix it for the sixth one because the first and third were great the second and fourth were just ok being eye candy but this last one was just awful. 👎
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Nate wu
February 14, 2019
The story was good but the beginning parts seemed to be low budget and not too good. There was also too much SLOW MOTION scenes which makes it less "action" I guess. Also the aspect ratio keeps changing too much. They also could have done a better job on explaining how Megatron came back, instead of just having Megatron appear in the beginning parts. Overall it seemed like a Transformers movie, I liked the parts closer to the end because it had more action, and it seems they spent the budget on those parts of the movie. This movie is a bit of a different take than the past ones. So I give 4/5...