2021 • 94 minutes
13 reviews
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In this sexy and twisty ride, New York gallery owner Brooke and her husband Owen each face exceptional temptations, with most unexpected results.

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13 reviews
L. Lawliet
March 13, 2021
The movie was okay. If ur bored and have absolutely nothing to do this could be a decent watch. The acting in general is good. Some scenes and writing are cringe. The ending without any spoilers was confusing. It’s like a puzzle that’s missing a few pieces. Logically it doesn’t make too much sense. Throughout the whole show they do this thing where they would be at the present and would flashback to the past. It’s clever they did it that way. Makes the story a bit more interesting to tell it that way, gives it a bit more spice. If there was a rating of 2.5 I would give it since it’s just okay. The movie wasn’t extremely long so for the most part I didn’t skip. Usually with movies I tend to skip a few scenes where nothing happens but in this movie I didn’t. Especially the fact that they do flashbacks you generally don’t want to skip. If u skip too much certain flashbacks might not make too much sense. Overall if ur busy want to push this movie aside to watch at a later time or day u can. Definitely not a must watch or anything close to that but like I said if ur bored go ahead and rent it. Not worth buying in my opinion. SPOILERS: the ending doesn’t make sense cuz technically they both cheated. Brooke ultimately went to the guy’s hotel room and just stood there while he was stripping her. Shouldn’t their relationship be over but instead in the end they are seen to be together with a baby. There’s no explanation of how their still together even though both of them cheated. Maybe because both of them cheated and not just one person of the relationship is the reason why they accepted they were both in the wrong so they ended up going past it but the issue is they never explained that unless if I missed something major.
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Brandon Ball
March 12, 2021
Romantic Drama isn't my go to genre but the plot intrigued me enough to give it a watch. Very glad I did. This movie kept me on my toes with all the twists and turns right through to the credits. Well acted. Everyone involved gives an amazing performance. And the score/soundtrack is clever and amazing with subtle touches that tie into the film's theme. It's a solid study on trust, temptation, and suspicion that leaves you thinking long after the credits have ended. Well worth a watch.
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John Constantine
March 14, 2021
typical lifetime movie...but in a new york "hip" setting....contrived by a wet-behind-the-ears total amateur .... soundtrack has bonehead lyrics
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