Uncle Peckerhead

2020 • 96 minutes
18 reviews
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About this movie

When a punk band scores their first tour, life on the road proves tough when they are joined by a man-eating demon as a roadie.
18 reviews
Lee Newsong
August 20, 2020
I see potential, but, if you don't know the people involved in making this, I seriously doubt you would rate it as highly as the handful of people that bumped this movie up on RT. Overall, not bad, but I personally couldn't rate it higher than 50% if my good friends weren't producing/writing/acting in it. To be more specific, having the one female that sees a threat and not one friend believe her is a bit tired and frustrating. Also, to have that same intelligent female bond **somehow** with the dangerous individual is tired and not so believable in 2020.
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December 24, 2020
I loved this movie, if it's so well done. I'm a picky brat and everything from the pacing to the humor got me good. I love campy horror and this was super refreshing to see.
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Shawn Perkins
August 13, 2020
Reviews are so obvious that there fake. All girls reviews on a guy flick is odd then they use words like rad lol who says that anymore. 2 stars bcuz I liked the name
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