Under The Yum Yum Tree

1963 • 110 minutes
14 reviews
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About this movie

No ordinary landlord, Hogan (Jack Lemmon) is an irrepressible Lothario who rents apartments solely to young women. When a tenant, Irene (Edie Adams), moves out, and her niece, Robin (Carol Lynley), moves in, Hogan is delighted. But his joy is dimmed, though not diminished, upon learning that Robin's boyfriend, David (Dean Jones), has joined her in a pre-marital, yet platonic, housekeeping experiment. Refusing to be dismayed, Hogan continues pursuing Robin as Irene tries to keep an eye on the situation along with Hogan's disapproving maid, Dorkus (Imogene Coca), and her gardener-husband, Murphy (Paul Lynde) -- whose sentiments side with Hogan's. After the young couple finds they can no longer remain platonic, David walks out and Hogan, seizing the opportunity, walks in. However, when a hangover robs him of all memory, Hogan doesn't recall if anything happened or, if it did, with whom. As Hogan's spirits sink even further once Robin and David leave to get married, Dorkus takes Murphy out of his employ and Irene gives him a liberal does of her own female indignation. Yet, just as all seems lost, Hogan's spirits are lifted when a bus filled with apartment-hunters arrives, each one a gorgeous girl. 1963, renewed 1991 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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14 reviews

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