2020 • 94 minutes
18 reviews
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About this movie

A crew of underwater researchers must scramble to safety after an earthquake devastates their subterranean laboratory.
18 reviews
P Kry
January 22, 2021
Intense aquatic horror in the vein of Leviathan or DeepStar Six. Classic take on a deep sea drilling operation gone awry (not a terribly original setup, but it works). This movie launches into the main action pretty much right away and doesn’t stop. Solid cast, production design/value, and effects. Kristen Stewart is good in the lead, playing tough but vulnerable. Only complaint is not getting to know our crew a little more up front, and it’s a bit repetitive in the middle section. Some cool visuals, creepy moments, and OH SO MANY JUMP SCARES. Doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but sure does make it well. Glad I caught it in the cinema when it came out.
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Reese Jones
September 20, 2020
Very good story, solid performances although I still hate TJ Miller, thank goodness he's not in this movie for very long. Lower-budget, but effectively tense, and makes it hard to breathe in parts. Also glad to see Kristen Stewart actually enjoying her role for once.
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Paget Creelman
October 12, 2020
I went in with low expectations, but this is a surprisingly excellent sci-fi horror action-thriller, with strong Lovecraftian elements. The low Rotten Tomatoes rating it has is completely unjustified, and I recommend it whole-heartedly.
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