Wanderlust: Bizzarro Cut

2012 • 80 minutes
351 reviews
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Check out an alternate 80 minutes of the film with different jokes in every scene!
351 reviews
A Google user
June 24, 2012
I really enjoyed this movie. There is not in your face comedy or action. However, those that love the lines that you have to think about than laugh will be laughing throughout the movie. I thought the lines and plot were smart. Not totally unpredictable but it didn't make me feel it was a cheezy cop out ending that a lot of other movies do. The individual characters were well written and the actors playing them were well matched. I would think some would not like the movie as the humor is really in the lines and character interactions. I didn't get through the bizarro cuts as it did seem like just a bunch of alternate lines and outtakes. They were funny but I can only watch so much.
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Rufina Fowler
November 5, 2016
Before you see this one, watch the theatrical version. Written and produced by the cast and crew of The State and Kids in the Hall. The film is composed of surrealist outtakes from the original. You could try to watch it w out seeing it, but I feel like it'd be difficult to watch w out back round
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Brandon Lee
January 7, 2017
Can I get my money back? I have to admit I knew it was a directors cut but did not know they cut huge portions of the film out. If I were you go find the original movie. Or else your wasting your time watching cut blooper scenes from the film jammed into a damn movie.
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