2022 • 120 minutes
3 reviews
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Two enemy snipers stationed on different sides of a remote valley grow bored with trying to kill each other. Attraction grows and they hatch a risky plan: to meet halfway and consummate their relationship. The scheme is discovered by a group of unfocused American journalists, as well as high-ranking officers who will do whatever it takes to save their war from being reduced to a one-night stand.

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3 reviews
B Shannon
August 5, 2022
Wants to be Dr. Strangelove... it ain't. What it IS then is a badly written, ostensibly antiwar parody. It's overlong, poorly acted and poorly directed and essentially an insufferable mess. The writer, producer and director are one and the same which is a sure sign of trouble ahead. Overall it just feels cheap. The acting is straight out of a community playhouse - strictly amateur.
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Johan Liedgren
September 1, 2022
Rome Film Festival: "In this somewhat monumental work one can trace an immense love for cinemas as an opportunity to rework the artistic legacy of the great masterpieces. The most appropriate category for this film is satire: “Warmuffin” completely embraces Kubrick’s “Doctor Strangelove” lesson. The hilarious comic track that rides the surprising rhythms of the script throughout the film seem to be the keystone of the entire film as well as the best starting point for a correct interpretation."
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Jennifer Hintz Roberts
July 30, 2022
Wonderful film. Just watched this last night and loved it.
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