Weaving the Past: Journey of Discovery

2015 • 126 minutes
2 reviews
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About this movie

Filmmaker Walter Dominguez embarks on a quest uncovering mysteries in the life of his humble Mexican-born grandfather and learns his grandfather was a heroic revolutionary fighting for social justice in the U.S. and tragically oppressed Mexico.
2 reviews
Penelope Eicher
August 3, 2016
Through personal narrative and intimate visuals, this tender film artfully takes on themes of inter-generational connection, one’s impact on others, and understanding one’s place in social and political history. Over a decade of candid interviews, archival research, and visits to Mexico, Dominguez uncovers clues to his beloved grandfather’s mysterious past. These threads eventually tie his grandfather closely to leaders in the Mexican revolution. Tata survived the revolution, immigrated to the USA, where he championed the cause of human rights, dignity, freedom, and justice in his work as a pastor and humanitarian. Dominguez shares intimate moments with discovered relatives, and, along with the narrator, we experience the healing power of shared memories and a reclaimed past. We come to love his grandfather, Tata, as a person of complexity, depth, and quiet heroism who dedicated his life to serve others. With a delicate hand and fine eye to evoking a sense of time, memory and story, the entire team has built a fresh and true story without clichés or pretentions that is respectfully told and genuine of heart.
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