2002 • 134 minutes
205 reviews
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John Woo's powerful war epic WINDTALKERS follows a platoon of men, among them code talkers, in the Battle of Saipan. Academy Award-winning actor Nicolas Cage and Christina Slater star as two marines assigned to protect two Navajo code talkers, played by Adam Beach and newcomer Roger Willie. The mission, however, is not so simple. Not only are they required to protect the code talker, but also the code. To that end, the classified mission calls for the bodyguard to terminate the code talkers if captures. With Woo's unique visual style and elaborately choreographed action sequences, WINDTALKERS tells the story of conflicted loyalties and the bond that forms among men through the ordeal of war.

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205 reviews
Jaye Labajo
August 30, 2017
First of all I like this movie because this is the First movie that i been watched since I was 7 years old and also I'm the owner of the disc. I thought this was a film about Navajo code talkers. Well, it's not. While there are a couple of Navajos in the film, the story revolves around Nicolas Cage winning WWII all by himself. This guy's incredible and makes John Wayne look like a wimp. Every time the Marines are in trouble, up jumps good old Nicolas Cage with his Thompson and POOF! the battle is WON! I wonder how we won WWII without Nicolas Cage? The film has a LOT of combat footage and most of that is very well done. That alone is worth a watch but don't expect to learn much of anything about the Navajo code talkers. You should read about them, because theirs was an important part of history, but they're a minor part in this film. Beyond its historical meandering, Windtalkers fails to spend enough time developing the riveting story it was based on and spends far too much time blowing people up. Glimpses of Enders’ moral anguish are compelling. His courage is moving. Yahzee’s selflessness, cultural pride. I gave it a 10 because of the good combat footage.
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Nicholas Elliot
June 24, 2022
A special breed of guys made this 2nd world War movie in the Pacific.
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Antonis Maggas
January 21, 2021
Awesome ww2 movie. First time whene i was seen this movie i were 22years old.awesome.
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