Crazy B*****s

2014 • 100 minutes
18 reviews
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About this movie

Seven women and one fab gay guy plan a getaway birthday weekend for their friend, Alice. Escaping to an eccentric, secluded ranch, the girls settle in for several days of gossip, girl time and grub.

They start off where they always do, old rivalries in place, extreme vanity covering great insecurities, but a true love for each other underneath the bickering, sniping and sassing.

A number of drinks into the first evening and a dark secret is revealed. The house they rented is the sight of a mass murder of teenage girls on a sleepover 15 years earlier. Blood still stains the floors under replacement carpets. The killer still runs free.

The girls take it for what it seems – a fun story to tell on a rainy night in front of a roaring fire. But after one of them disappears and is discovered, dead - the story doesn’t seem so fun anymore.

Soon the girls turn on each other, and the journey will turn into a race against death. Who will make it out alive?
18 reviews
February 19, 2015
Absolutely love this movie - the humour hits the spot with so many great gags, the characters are well written, the soundtrack rocks, the plots keeps you guessing, and what a talented sexy bunch of actors!! I loved Princess, or maybe Minnie, but then would definitely mean yes!! Do yourself a favour & have a watch!
Stephen PISNAS
February 28, 2015
It's creep but cool
Tina Teagarden
March 21, 2015