The Handmaid's Tale

1990 • 108 minutes
58 reviews
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About this movie

Following a coup, America is a country still at war with itself and ruled by a repressive Bible-inspired regime. Past pollution means only 1% of women can bear children, and female criminals found to be potential mothers are put into an institution run by "Aunt Lydia" to be indoctrinated. One such is Kate, who then seduces Fred, a higher-up in the security forces, to attempt to procreate. Fred's wife Serena, is jealous and vicious, and the State's grip seems to be tightening. But Kate still has her own mind and is finding that some other people are prepared to resist.
58 reviews
Mallory Jack
March 29, 2020
That show is so amazing and powerful and just scary as all hell!!! All in the name of God and some horrible "virus" that breaks out that makes women not able to have children so babies are seriously precious and valueable and these insane God rich pp that totally believe they are right and just look the other way as fellow women who were once ALL Americans (which no more)plus Canda is freedom for American refugees...anyhow they enslave these women who still can have kids for these rich couples
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A Google user
May 14, 2017
Good plot.Acting done well. Moves along. Typical negative reviews noted from some of the men who are so closed minded see the movie as a threat to their manhood and misogyny. Great film for all women.
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Jason Dab
June 29, 2021
The Hulu series is way better. This movie couldn't decide whether slavery was sexy or only kinda sexy. Having supermodels with exact same body type play the handmaids suggests the director thought they were making a teen sex comedy, not a sociopolitical allergorical drama.
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