Crystalai Angela Barnett

Crystal Magic Orchestra is the name of "Crystalai" (Dr. Angela Barnett) and Dr. Joe (aDolphino) Barnett's music group.

Dr. Angela Barnett's Mission on Earth has been to Bring the Highest Frequencies to Earth through Music - the highest Vibration of light - the Vibration of Unconditional Love through our music - through Crystal Magic Orchestra's music.

The music on this website is created from the Frequencies of the Actual Consciousness that the human race was made of before the Veil separated us from that Reality. These are the Frequencies that will return us to that original state of Divine Being of Multi Dimensionality that allows us to Transform our reality into anything that we want it to be. We are now the Creators of our Reality.

Dr. Angela Barnett's Mission on Earth has been to Bring the Highest Frequencies to Earth through Music - the highest Vibration of light - the Vibration of Unconditional Love through our music - through Crystal Magic Orchestra's music.

The Universal Life Force Currents are far beyond the Light Spectrum and Sound Spectrum of the Five Senses.

The Visions and Sounds come to Dr. Angela Barnett through Consciousness which is Spiritual, Invisible, and yet Known and Felt Clearly from Dr. Angela Barnett's Soul Family who brings these Sounds into Dr. Angela Barnett's Frequency Specific Mid Brain to be Exhaled on to the Crystal Star Dust Microphone that they provide for Dr. Angela Barnett.

"Crystalai" - Dr. Angela Barnett and Dr. Joe Barnett are highly educated International music composers who are far beyond the leading edge of the Universe.

Their education on Earth:

"Crystalai" (Dr. Angela Barnett) has a B.A. in Music and an M.A. in Music

Dr. Angela Barnett has a double major B.A. in Music and in Russian Studies

Dr. Angela Barnett has an M.A. in Intercultural Communication

Dr. Angela Barnett has a Doctorate in Multinational Business Communication Training Education

So, Dr. Angela Barnett is correct

Dr. Joe Barnett has a B.A. in Music

Dr. Joe Barnett has an M.A. in Authentic Encounter in Intercultural Communication

Dr. Joe Barnett has a Doctorate in Music of the Spheres Music

Both have Masters and Doctoral Degrees and both compose through the consciousness of the Crystal Magic Orchestra of the Omniverse, Interstellar Musicians connecting to musicians on 12 Universes who utilize the Music of the Spheres to connect with the rapidly changing rhythm of the Universe and Omniverse.

Dr. Angela Barnett is an accomplished recording musician and music composer. This music is healing in a way that is not found in other music. The music is heavenly and creates a healing atmosphere of love from the breaths of Cosmic Entities who are transforming our Consciousness and our world at this time.

In Japan, Dr. Angela Barnett's music studio was in the countryside near Tokyo on a mountainside at a lake. This music was definitely inspired by the contemplative and beautiful Japanese mountains, including Mt. Fuji. The Japanese people called Dr. Angela Barnett's music "Kokoro" music - music of the heart and mind.

Dr. Angela Barnett's Spiritual Frequency Music is shared with the Cosmic Understanding of the Music of the Spheres technologies that are now aligning the Earth's Matrix into a New Reality. Dr. Barnett has discovered the Musical Transformational Technology that aligns Individual's into Eternal Life as we merge back into the Inner Domains of the Median Earth before Orbing into Multi Dimensional Realities far beyond all of the Global realities that exist.

Dr. Angela Barnett earned Masters Degrees in Music and in Communication before beginning her Doctorate in Education. All three of these Earthly Learning Programs showed her the layers of beliefs that the entire Earth must graduate from as we go beyond the School System that has taught us the Physics of Music that trains the ears to remain in the limited Consciousness of the Hertzian Level of Harmonics, and the Communication Patterns that lock Earth into multitudes of patterns that create more disharmony within the lowest frequency of understanding.

The true Harmonics of the Omniversal Consciousness contained within the Cosmic Frequencies of Consciousness must now be returned to Earth to remove the Tower of Babel.

Through Dr. Angela Barnett's decades of living in Asia, Europe, Caribbean, Mediterranean, providing access to almost every Eastern and Western Cultural group on Earth, she has come in contact with people from many spiritual, musical, cultural and educational persuasions.

Dr. Angela Barnett has lived all over the world while teaching in Universities to prove her Doctoral Thesis that shows the ability of each education system to brainwash students into believing whatever the society deems the acceptable reality to be.

She has synthesized her interest in cultural anthropology, Eastern and Western philosophy, intercultural psychology, mysticism, spiritual perceptions and life time of healing to transcend all cultural diversity and gain deep insights into the mysterious coincidences that occur in each of our lives.

From her years of worldwide exposure to and experience with International Masters and the constant protection given by the Ascended Masters and Angels, she has found a commonality about spiritual growth along a spiritual path that transcends the specifics of any one religious belief.

Dr. Angela Barnett and Joe Barnett, M.A. together wrote the book, "Future Global Management." They used this book for the training they did within large multinational corporations around the world.

While communicating with the host people of each culture she lived and worked in, she concentrated on the art of Authentic Communication in order to uncover the Authentic Power in people all over the world. This Spiritual Art allowed her to escape hundreds of tragedies and to live peacefully among the host people and to give spiritual guidance to others.

Dr. Angela Barnett has been on a very long journey that has prepared her to go beyond the education, culture, religions and the Multi-National, International, Inter-Cultural and Intra-Cultural belief systems into the time where she will REMOVE THE TOWER OF BABEL that has blocked the entire Earth from the Consciousness of Source and the Mind of God.

Dr. Angela Barnett's Spiritual Frequency Light Music that is within all of Crystal Magic Orchestra's music is shared through the music and recordings which also include the Cosmic Understanding of the Music of the Spheres technologies that are now aligning the Earth's Matrix into a New Reality and is within all of Crystal Magic Orchestra's music.

Dr. Angela Barnett creates music for all people who wish to have calm mind, soul, and body. The music provides all types of healing such as DNA healing, rejuvenation, regeneration, fountain of youth, yoga, ascension, all cosmic sounds of planets, stars, deities, cosmoses, galaxies, universes, star systems, audio books about true events, interesting life changing stories, guidance, merkaba technology, connections to your higher self, dreams, premonitions, angelic frequencies, anti-gravity, frequencies of Inner Earth, Atlantis, and many more secrets, true knowledge, you will be learning how to manifest anything that you wish in your life. We hope that you will enjoy the beautiful works that Crystalai Council, Angela, Joe, and other spirutual cosmic deities provide for you. Lets ascend into oneness, peace, and harmony. Enjoy.

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