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Google Meets Moog
Since its inception nearly 60 years ago, Moog has been at the forefront of music technology, creating such beautifully abstract instruments as the theremin and the minimoog synthesizer. Their devices have been used in everything from prog rock classics to the most cutting edge electronica, by everyone from Rush and Herbie Hancock to Depeche Mode and The Prodigy. If you're at all a fan of progressive music, you've almost certainly heard one of their instruments in action.

In May of 2012, Google turned its homepage over to Moog, creating a playable version of one of their synthesizers. The synth "Doodle" was used by over 300 million users, and brought a new level of attention to the Asheville, N.C.-based company. Acknowledging this, Moog, as part of their 3rd Annual Circuit Bending Contest held during the Moogfest music festival, called for enthusiasts and benders to create a sampler and use the Google Moog Doodle as the basis for its sounds. The winning sampler was unlike anything we'd ever seen, and we contacted some of our favorite musicians, including Detroit techno pioneer Carl Craig and hip-hop icon El-P, to create or rework songs using this new tool. The resulting tracks and documentary chronicle the dynamic relationship between technology and music, and how each field pushes the other in unpredictable and amazing directions.

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Songs Album
Drones (Moog Sound Labs) Moogfest 2012
Get Down (Moog Sound Labs) Moogfest 2012
Civilian Stripes (Moog Sound Labs) Moogfest 2012
Divine Fits
Rougish Moogish (Moog Sound Labs) Moogfest 2012
Carl Craig