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Coldplay Sampler
As a holiday present, Google Play featured a track from each of Coldplay's five studio albums. They've become arguably one of the biggest rock bands in the world, usurping U2's place as a positive unifying force while stepping into the radio void left by the increasingly cerebral Radiohead.

Coldplay greeted the new millennium with their debut album Parachutes (2000). The brilliant opening track "Don't Panic" showcased a band that found a middle point between warm humanism and frosty futurism, but it was the atmospheric power ballad "Yellow" that broke the English band worldwide.

That hit was still riding high in the States when Coldplay released their follow-up album, A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002), which cements the band's upbeat/downbeat sound and leader Chris Martin's "the world is tough but you are not alone" lyrical POV. A champion tunesmith, Martin loaded the set with songs like "The Scientist" and "In My Place," but it was the piano-driven "Clocks" that landed the knockout blow.

Completely exhausted from four years of constant touring, Coldplay themselves considered X&Y (2005) a disappointment, but luckily neither fans or critics agreed. "The Speed of Sound" and "Talk" soared up the charts but it was the pained ballad "Fix You" that grew in status throughout the decade. Written for Gwyneth Paltrow, who was reeling from her father's death, an equally heartrending cover version of "Fix" became a smash on YouTube when it was used in the documentary Young@Heart.

In 2008, Coldplay turned famed sonic innovator Brian Eno loose on Viva la Vida and flowered into an even grander outfit. This chart-topping album featured four hits, including the orchestral and cinematic title track, which showed how Coldplay can craft anthems that work whether pouring out of solitary earbuds or stadium sound systems.

The concept album Mylo Xyloto tells the story of a dark future world in surprisingly bright, hopeful colors. Martin & Co. managed to retain integrity while reaching for an even wider pop audience with hits like "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall" and "Paradise."

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