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Season 2 episodes (6)

1 Episode One
Diana returns from London for Denise and Brett's wedding and struggles to prove to her new beau Harry that her family are as insane as she says they are – especially since Easton seems to have discovered his Zen state.
2 Episode Two
Diana must find a way to finish her menu for the London restaurant despite Easton's toddler-tanty level resistance to fulfilling their community service obligations.
3 Episode Three
The family spend a confronting night with their estranged 'mother' June, trying to find out why she's back after all these years – but only succeed in picking at the scabs of their own fragile relationships.
4 Episode Four
Like a scrumptious soufflé, can Easton and Diana rise to the challenge of creating something spectacular for the soup kitchen fundraiser out of literal trash and reclaim their chef mojos? *Matt Preston guest stars*
5 Episode Five
A delivery of imperfect vegies from Margot forces Easton to embrace his newfound status as an eco-warrior, while Diana's Diana-esque menu causes issues for Harry.
6 Episode Six
June skips out on the Wests again – and when a real estate agent comes knocking, Easton, Denise and Diana have no choice but to go after her to stop her from selling their home.

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Easton's new life out of the public eye is shattered by the return of his niece Diana, flaunting her successful career and love life in London – but both must put their troubles aside when a secret from the past throws the West family into more chaos than ever

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1 review
28 July 2021
loved it, awesome
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