Back In Very Small Business

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Season 1 episodes (9)

1 All Over Range Rover
Don is desperate to arrive at tonight's Small Business Awards in a new prestige vehicle to impress his girlfriend, Bridget. Following a financial set back Don works to quickly increase sales. Sam, his daughter, lends her youthful, entrepreneurial skills to help raise cash via her social media endorsement business. Ray could solve Don's financial crisis by selling a Don's Dirty Dog Wash franchise but will only do so on the condition that Don hires Ray's transitioning son as the WWBG graphic designer.
2 By Design
Leslie fights with the staff about his new role and Ray struggles to get him to lower his artistic expectations. When the ACCC visits about the recalled poisoned pineapple rubbers from Yaytionery, Don talks his way out of a fine. Ex-soldier Cody battles to come up with a Summer Range for BRRR! but after Leslie helps him design the 'Ammo' an ingenious women's fashion belt, both Leslie and Cody have a breakthrough in the office. Sam is thrilled to sign a premium social influencer, Coco, famous for being famous on Instagram.
3 Bad Influence
Sam brings in Coco for a photo shoot with the 'Ammo', which, after being posted on Instagram, goes viral: the fashion belt sells like hot cakes. When Don's son, Alex, wants money to record an album, Don is not interested. But while celebrating his 'Ammo' success with Bridget, Alex returns with what he says is proof from the tax office that Don owes him money. Ray avoids his ex-wife and Leslie's mother, Yvonne, as she hunts Ray down to make him stop financially assisting Leslie's transition.
4 Litigating Circumstances
After a Facebook video of the Cambodian sweatshop where the 'Ammo' is manufactured goes viral, the success of the belt is short-lived. Don deals with the fallout at the same time as he attends mediation for the Yaytionery pineapple rubbers class action. Ray is also forced to fend off a complaint about Don's Dirty Dog Wash and Sam manages Coco?s meltdown after her brand is tarnished by the Ammo. While Leslie and Cody find comfort in each other, Don attempts to find comfort in Bridget.
5 Crossing The Line
Don tries desperately to please Bridget, promising to deliver the knock-off cowhide chairs she has ordered, despite them being stuck at the docks in a maritime workers union strike. When Don and Vijay confront the Wharfies, Don ends up with his tyres slashed and Celeste comes to the rescue. While Vijay changes the tyres, Celeste challenges Don about his fear of intimacy. When Leslie has a romantic encounter goes pear-shaped, he falls apart and Ray is forced to call Yvonne for help.
6 Family Trust
Angry with Bridget, Don gets delivery of the cowhide chairs and sells them himself on Gumtree. Don and Sam receive letters demanding they attend mediation at the ATO. Alex demands income derived from the family trust in his name - and Sam's name. Sam can't deal with family conflict and comes to work drunk, where Ray kindly looks after her. Don responds by issuing Alex with a counter claim and is surprised by how furious Alex is. Ray giddily enjoys his new secret romance with Yvonne.
7 Guardian Angel
Furious with Don, Alex has changed his last name and Don channels his shock and hurt into rebranding the WWBG as Angel Family Enterprises. Ray escapes for a camping trip with Yvonne where she pressures him to leave Don's Dirty Dog Wash and write a book. When Leslie discovers his parents are back together he falls apart and turns to Don for support. After Sam's drunken and flirty behaviour with Kim in the office, she must convince him she's not his girlfriend.
8 FreeDon Of Speech
When the Advertising Standards Bureau upholds a complaint against Don's Dirty Dog Wash, Don and Ray face the prospect of going their separate ways and Ray seriously considers a future with Yvonne. Leslie and Sam rally to help their fathers as Ray, inspired by the 'Ammo' fiasco, devises a plan to make a viral video of Don ranting against government regulators. Don's populist diatribe hits a nerve across the nation and Don becomes a news story.
101 Behind the Scenes Featurette
The cast and crew show us around behind the scenes of Back in Very Small Business.

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Don Angel (Wayne Hope) is an aspirational small businessman who helms his suburban empire, the World Wide Business Group, with equal parts zeal and tax evasion.
2 reviews
October 2, 2018
Small business was really good this ones good but doesn't have the same feel , Thankyou to the two main men for this and the rest. I'll be watching it on ABC for free :) sorry google ;)
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