Cement Heads

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Cement Heads from A&E® captures the colorful characters of WJL Equities, a large family-owned construction company. While successful in construction, they’re not quite equipped to be reality stars.
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20 Sep. 2014

Seisoen 1
Episode 10

Billy issues Chubby an ultimatum--stop wearing shorts to work, or risk losing your job. Chubby turns to another big man, Tiny, for help in finding a place with something stylish. Meanwhile, Billy's kids have the day off from school, and Billy wants to teach them the value of hard work by bringing them to WJL for the day. It finally hits Joan that she's going to be on TV, so she asks Sarge to take her and Danielle shopping for a few new outfits.
12 Aug. 2014
19 Aug. 2014
26 Aug. 2014
06 Sep. 2014
13 Sep. 2014
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13 Sep. 2014
20 Sep. 2014
20 Sep. 2014
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