Container Wars
Season 3

Season 3

1. Seeing Green

Jan 21, 2014
The bidders are back and the competition is fiercer than ever! Mo & Ty set their sights on a container from Mexico, but could everything inside be damaged goods? The Israelis pin their hopes on a mysterious wooden crate, and bids go through the roof on a one-of-a-kind open-air container.

2. Bizarre Ending

Jan 28, 2014
Mo and the Israelis partner up on a container from Africa, but will their alliance result in fool's gold? Matt attacks the competition for a can full of Chinese goods, but it could blow up in his face.?And later, things take a bizarre turn when a bunch of strange items from an odd collector spark an intense bidding war.

3. The Big Apple

Feb 4, 2014
Four containers, straight from the Big Apple, make their way to Long Beach, CA. A can full of broken dummies generates some serious buzz, while a billionaire's unclaimed goods have everyone seeing dollar signs. Plus, a one-of-a-kind auction that includes the container itself.

4. Eight Tons of Fun

Feb 11, 2014
Bidders go head to head in a battle over some super heavyweight freight, a can filled to the brim with outdoor adventure equipment contains a unique surprise, and a tailgater's dream could stop its winner short of the goal line.

5. Sailing Away

Feb 18, 2014
The Israelis' go hard after what they think is vintage clothing, but will their fashion expertise pay off? Mo and Ty go postal when the doors swing open to reveal some mysterious machinery, and a custom container could land at least one buyer behind bars.

6. The Winter Games

Feb 25, 2014
The auction turns into a circus when four containers bound for Russia's Winter Games miss the boat. A waterlogged container piques everyone's interest, but can anything inside be salvaged? Plus, a Major League Baseball player gives Mo & Ty the lowdown on a state-of-the art piece of gym equipment.

7. Surf's Up

Mar 4, 2014
The Israelis hang ten on a sweet beach can, but one surprise item may send them off the lot in search of major dollars. Plus, Jason strikes on a container full of wood and weird gear, but will his investment land him in the gutter? And later, a mystery door may check one team into a big loss.

8. The Big Not-So-Easy

Mar 11, 2014
Hot items from New Orleans spice up the bidding, but will the cans bring in the green? Or will a voodoo curse make its mark? Plus, a refrigerated unit sends chills down bidders' spines when they discover its intended recipient is incarcerated.

9. New Blood

Mar 25, 2014
A new team shakes up the competition and tests Mo's reign as 'the furniture king', while Matthew goes hard after a three-wheel adventure. Plus, an avalanche of ping pong balls causes chaos in the yard.

10. Bigger is Better

Apr 8, 2014
When jumbo-sized containers make their way to the yard, buyers use every trick in the book to win, big time. A bin full of outdoor BBQs could send two bidders up in flames, while a 'ready-to-go' rave unit sounds like music to the Israeli's ears. Plus, Mo and Ty feel the need for speed, but will their huge bet pay off?

11. Outdoor Adventure

Apr 15, 2014
Buyers battle to prove who's king of the playground and a can full of bicycle gear gets everyone's wheels turning. Plus, a mystery container includes one item that requires a special operating license. Who'll be able to haul it off the lot?


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