Crazy Hearts: Nashville

За езика ви няма нито аудио, нито субтитри. Субтитри са налични на английски.

Crazy Hearts: Nashville goes backstage into the lives and lyrics of several up-and-coming musicians trying to hit it big, fall in love and live to sing about it. Relationships mean everything in Nashville, and there is no shortage of love triangles in this town. Fiery relationships and stiff competition among these rowdy songbirds cause rivalry both on-stage and off. These passionate singers raid the Nashville social scene every night partying and singing the blues while waiting for their big break. Experience the music, struggle, romance and drama that fuel this iconic city.
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Lee warns Heather about getting too close to Hugh. Meanwhile, April catches Jimmy with another girl. Hannah collaborates with a talented singer but she might be interested in more than just making music.
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