Deadliest Catch
Season 10

Season 10

1. Careful What You Wish For

Apr 22, 2014
A government shutdown shortens the season and starts off a chain reaction that forces the fleet to fish harder and faster to make the market deadline. One boat goes up in flames and many are left to wonder if this is really the life they wished for.

101. Deadliest Catch: Season 9 Behind the Scenes

Apr 15, 2014 Season Only
The cameramen arrive to document the most dangerous job on earth, but captains, crews and the Bering Sea have other plans. Along with the full fleet, you'll meet the men and women who risk it all to bring this 10-time EMMY award winning show to you.
Season Only

113. Deadliest Catch: Season 9 Revealed

Apr 15, 2014
For the first time ever the captains and crews come clean about one of the most brutal seasons in Deadliest Catch history. It's all of the best events from last season and the shocking new revelations from the brave men who survived it all.


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