Full Throttle Saloon
Season 5

Season 5

1. Serving Two Masters

Dec 2, 2013
Michael is torn between setting up his new distillery business and getting the throttle ready for Rally, leaving Angie scrambling to tie up all his loose ends.

2. A Throttle Without Its Captain

Dec 9, 2013
It's the first official day of rally, and Michael's absence is taking its toll on the Throttle crew. The new stage manager learns that things don't always go as planned, a kitchen conflict boils over, and Angie finds out some life-changing news.

3. Baby on Board

Dec 16, 2013
Angie and Michael's baby news puts a wrench in the Rockstar Dancers' plans to perform at the Throttle this year. Then, Bret Michaels' equipment truck breaks down leaving his concert up in the air. Jesse is torn between pleasing his fans and keeping a promise to his family.

4. Hot Throttle, Turn Up the Heat, Too Hot to Handle

Dec 23, 2013
A major heatwave strikes Sturgis and Michael searches for missing beds. And, Big John's daughter works a day at the Throttle and it's one she'll never forget.

5. Taking Out the Trash

Dec 30, 2013
Michael is down in the dumps when his new garbage truck flips over, Jesse gets the surprise of a lifetime, and the Ballards go ballistic when they catch a member of the Full Throttle family stealing from them.

6. Big and Rich

Jan 6, 2014
When ticket sales are low for the Big and Rich concert, Mike and Jesse scramble to avoid losing $100K. Jesse is torn between doing a stunt and keeping his word to his family.

7. Crunch Time

Jan 13, 2014
It's less than 24 hours before Jackyl Night, but while Jesse puts together last-minute preparations for his stunt, Mike is having second thoughts. The kitchen runs out of food and propane, and Angie shares a secret with the Rockstars.

8. Jackyl Night

Jan 20, 2014
A major storm threatens to ruin the biggest and busiest night of the rally. Plus, a misunderstanding leaves Jesse's stunt in doubt, and a Throttle employee's "secret identity" is revealed.

9. All Hail's Gonna Break Loose

Jan 27, 2014
Jesse's son, Nigel, headlines on the main stage for the first time.?But with vicious weather on the way, Mike and the staff must find a way to keep the Rally going.?Plus, Mike lays down the law when surveillance captures someone stealing Throttle merchandise.

10. That's a Rap

Feb 3, 2014
It's the final day of the rally and "Local's Night" promises to set off some real fireworks. Hip-hop acts Babi Mac and the Ying Yang Twins are the headline performers, but when unexpected bad weather forces the entire crowd indoors, fists fly and chaos reigns across the Throttle property. Plus, two members of the Throttle family get hitched, and Mike drops a bombshell on Jesse that leaves Jackyl's frontman holding the bag.


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