Hardcore Pawn Chicago
Season 1

Season 1

1. Something's Missing

Feb 12, 2013
When an $80,000 ring goes missing, Randy and Wayne launch a storewide search and a game of blame.

2. The Scheme

Feb 12, 2013
Randy's refusal to let Wayne sell wedding dresses at the shop leads to the ultimate double-cross.?

3. Changing of the Guard

Feb 12, 2013
When the store is robbed, the security team is put on notice, and Elyse seizes the opportunity to be put in charge.

4. The Kids Are All Right

Feb 12, 2013
A 'man cave' fire sale takes Wayne and Randy on a road trip in hopes of the ultimate score.

5. The Competition

Feb 12, 2013
Randy and Wayne's sibling rivalry kicks into high gear when they challenge each other to a sales competition.

6. Paranormal Pawn

Feb 12, 2013
Is Royal Pawn under a curse?

7. Two Heads are Better Than One

Feb 12, 2013
The most unusual item Randy and Wayne have ever seen could lead to a freakishly big payday.

8. A Dangerous Combination, Part 1

Feb 19, 2013
When Wayne buys an old safe thinking it might have hidden treasure, it threatens to put Randy over the edge. Wayne puts his faith in a safecracker to prove his point.

9. A Dangerous Combination, Part 2

Feb 26, 2013
Treasure seeking Wayne hits a major snag trying to open an old safe.? A shady couple brings in a collection of high-end handbags that could be a major score for the shop, but are they real?

10. Pawned Off

Jun 18, 2013
When a family heirloom in pawn is accidentally sold, Randy and Wayne hatch a desperate plan to get it back.?But Randy's strategy backfires and the brothers find themselves in over their heads.?Later, a customer goes ballistic when she refuses to believe her ex-boyfriend's gift is worthless.

11. Hot or Not?

Jun 25, 2013
Wayne thinks he scored big on an expensive stereo system, but Randy thinks the deal is too good to be true. Later, when a detective shows up to investigate stolen goods, both brothers stand to lose more than just money. Then, a customer can't produce his pawn ticket but won't take no for an answer.? Later, the staff at Royal Pawn gets creeped out by macabre memorabilia from Charles Manson.

12. Lucky Horseshoe?

Jul 2, 2013
A gambler needs quick cash for a horseracing bet, and Wayne wants in on the action. But after he tells a friend with a shady past about the hot tip, Randy thinks Wayne's headed for trouble. Then, an elderly couple comes to Royal to sell an unusual medical device. And later, will a transaction over a broken camera lead Wayne to break bones?

13. Hot Dog Cart, Pt. 1

Jul 9, 2013
An unusual piece of Chicago mob history arrives at Royal, and Wayne wonders if it's worth big bucks. Meanwhile, when a security guard skips work, the brothers scramble to cover for him before trouble hits. And later, Wayne annoys Randy by trying to buy a hot dog cart.

14. Hot Dog Cart, Pt. 2

Jul 16, 2013
After Wayne buys an old hot dog cart, his fast-talking friend Steve DiGrazzi convinces him to sell hotdogs on the streets of Chicago.? But will the money-making idea come back to bite him? And later, a rare 1970's muscle car has Randy jumping to close the deal.

15. Diamonds are Forever

Jul 23, 2013
A customer tries to sell Royal a bag full of valuable diamonds. Wayne thinks they may be connected to the legendary "Marlborough Diamond" heist pulled off by the Chicago mob.?If the story proves true, the brothers could collect a huge reward...or find themselves in big trouble.

16. Comic Book Caper

Jul 30, 2013
When a customer tries to sell her son's classic comic books, Wayne calls in an appraiser and sets up the shop for a double-cross. Then, a vintage fire truck ignites Randy's interest to make a deal. And later, will Wayne be able to save Royal from the appraiser's dirty dealing?

17. Russian Roulette

Aug 6, 2013
A Russian tycoon wants to partner with the brothers, bringing them the biggest deal of their lives. But later, when Wayne mysteriously disappears, is the Russian billionaire to blame?

18. Swap Meet Millionaires?

Aug 25, 2013
Randy and Wayne venture out of the shop to spend the day at a flea market, performing free appraisals, selling some items and even shopping for bargains themselves.? There, someone brings them a painting that may be a museum-quality treasure.? But they must quickly call in an expert to determine whether the artwork is real or just a well-done fake.


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