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2 reviews

Season 3 episodes (6)

1 Episode 1
Cadi attends an interview in Liverpool – she has one eye on the future. Cadi and Vaughan are called when a body is discovered in a river by Groes Goch. An investigation is launched.
2 Episode 2
Cadi has to admit the truth to Rachel about her new job. Rachel is hurt. Father McEwan pays a visit to Sion & Glyn. Sion is suspicious about his motives.
3 Episode 3
Cadi and Vaughan bring Piotr Korecki in for questioning. Cadi realises that she's made a mess of her personal life. A farewell to the island house turns into a sombre occasion.
4 Episode 4
Sion loses his job and loses his temper. Cadi and Vaughan pay Mair a visit and discover that it was her who reported her son to DEFRA. Sion pays Father McEwan a late night visit.
5 Episode 5
The news about Father McEwan spreads through the community and Cadi and Vaughan have to come to terms with the fact that the same person is responsible for both murders.
6 Episode 6
As Cadi comes to understand the sadness at the root of Sion's actions she sympathises with him. Cadi comes to a decision of her own - the end of an era in every sense of the word.

About this show

When a body is found in a remote river Cadi leads an investigation into the lives of two brothers. The brothers have secrets to hide and a harrowing history, but you can't out run your past.

Ratings and reviews

2 reviews
Chris Wroblewski
22 September 2018
Originally on GooglePlay without English subtitles/captions for the extensive blocks of Welsh language, this series now has ugly, though useful, English captions, as per broadcast TV. Having said that, it's a series reminiscent of Hinterland, and quite good viewing, with some interesting characters. Like HInterland, it shows Wales as a rather bleak place.
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Margaret Banks
26 January 2020
Pretty dark but watching on Google Play definitely could not find captions even for a lot of the welsh dialogue. Very disappointing.
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