Incredible Crew
Season 1

Season 1

1. Lunch Boxing

Dec 31, 2012
Lunch boxing; Emoticonnie; Friendship braces; Lyle Johnson, personal ref; baby interpretron 3000.

2. Pancake Genie

Jan 21, 2013
Worst bros. JR. detectives; Hot dog cereal; Carboard car wash; Solar system wolf; Alarm beds.

3. Farting Grandpa

Jan 24, 2013
Don't disturb the giant; Running errands with my mom; Sparkle beards; You look like a million bucks; Balloon Animal Vet.

4. Magical Video Game Controller

Jan 31, 2013
Heavy metal science fair; Complecatrix; Gross out bake sale; Leftover Lizzie; Literal class clown.

5. Candy Deodorant

Feb 7, 2013
So stylin'; Candy deodorant; Really enthusiastic snowman; Bad timing Tommy; Pizza card trick.

6. Remote Control Broccoli

Feb 11, 2013
Remote control broccoli; Wipeouch!; Student dictator; Yo-Yo-ing while yodeling; Overreacting girl.

7. Cheat Sheet Tacos

Feb 14, 2013
Questions before bed; Nacho Tortillahose; Screaming at soup; Mop Robbie; Cheat sheet tacos.

8. Super Duper Gross Things

Feb 21, 2013
Super duper gross things; Shark tooth Terry; Soccer trophy awards; Santa Claus hunters; Get to know your cast members.

9. Face Jeans

Mar 7, 2013
Olaf the sensitive viking; Face jeans; School bus news; The last pillow fighter; My foot's asleep.

10. Rodney Tape Face

Mar 21, 2013
Kids security system; Rodney tape face; Labyrinth homework gatekeeper; Michael Shin 5th grade ninja; Really bad grab bags.

11. Bunk Bed Mountain

Mar 28, 2013
Putting shaving cream on stuff; Laser high-5; Punch bowl jump rope; Cafeteria lounge singer; Young Lady Gaga.

12. Cardboard Robot vs. Tinfoil Lizard

Apr 4, 2013
Who farted app?; Minnesota Rhodes; Breakfast Baseball; Stickers; The startler.

13. Manners Shark

Apr 11, 2013
So what; Manners shark (say pardon); Susie sewer princess; Anything can be a bookmark; Cola thief.

101. Runnin' Errands With My Mom

Jan 13, 2013
Check out what happens when Petey Johnson spends his time after school running errands with his mom in this Incredible Crew music video.


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