About this show

Italian with English subtitles. Exiled from the Naples police department for being a whistleblower, Chief Inspector Mario Nardone finds himself transferred to postwar Milan, which is fast becoming the breeding ground for a new criminal scene. Thieves and outlaws from across Europe are moving in to exploit the battered citizens of a city emerging from war. He may not be able to find a good cup of coffee in his new city, but Nardone is committed to its safety and will do anything to protect its people. With his small squad of like-minded men, he fights crime and corruption wherever he finds it. Sometimes the rot is in the police department, and sometimes it's in the brothels, nightclubs and back alleys of Milan. He finds sanity in the arms of the beautiful and intelligent Eliana, a woman who challenges his old-fashioned Neapolitan thinking and makes him laugh. Inspector Nardone is based on the real-life figure who was a true legend in Milan during the 1950s and 60s, known for his unflinching moral code and his great sense of humanity.