Lizard Lick Towing
Season 5

Season 5

1. Episode 401

Dec 16, 2013
In the season premiere, Ron and Amy's repo competition takes a dangerous turn when Amy goes missing... while Bobby's fate is sealed when the judge rules on his felony charges.

2. Episode 402

Dec 23, 2013
Finding a Christmas tree takes a frightening turn when one of the Shirley children goes missing in the woods... and Bobby plays secret Santa to a family in need.

3. Episode 403

Dec 30, 2013
Bobby confronts his past when he receives an invite for a "Back to the 80's party" and is forced to face his past tormentors.

4. Episode 404

Jan 6, 2014
Amy is boiling mad at Bobby for hurting Big Juicy's feelings when he dumps her for another woman, and the Lizard Lick crew rally to help a single mother living out of her car.

5. Episode 405

Jan 13, 2014
The Lizard Lick crew reveal a life changing surprise for a homeless mother and her kids.

6. Episode 406

Jan 20, 2014
Bobby confronts a female stalker on a hot first date.

7. Episode 407

Jan 27, 2014
Ron and Bobby throw down in the middle of a scrap yard and later give a job to one of their debtors.

8. Episode 408

Feb 3, 2014
Emotions run high when Ronnie goes head-to-head with a former bully.

9. Episode 409

Feb 17, 2014
A theft at the Lick lot leaves Ron and Amy with a big mystery to solve -- and all clues lead to Big Juicy.

10. Episode 410

Feb 24, 2014
The gang go after a car thief and deliver some Southern justice.

11. Episode 414

Mar 3, 2014
In this brand new special, the Lizard Lick crew is taking a behind-the-scenes tour of their hometown, Lizard Lick. Ron, Amy and Bobby will visit their favorite hang-outs and hide-outs-- and introduce us to family & friends (and a few tall tales) along the way!

12. Episode 411

Mar 10, 2014
Juicy's job is on-the-line when a car gets stolen from the Lick.

13. Episode 412

Mar 24, 2014
Ron's business teeters on bankruptcy when his Dad threatens to cut ties... And Bobby is tempted to partner in a new big bucks venture.

14. Episode 413

Mar 31, 2014
In the season finale, Bobby comes to blows with Ronnie when he secretly starts his own towing business.


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