Lone Star Lady

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In the small town of Johnson City in the big state of Texas, one woman is struggling with a `man problem.' Rochelle Carnes is swarming with men - outnumbered in her own family, surrounded by her husband Trenton and her four sons (ages 16, 13, 8, 7).
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4 août 2014

Saison 1
Épisode 7

Rochelle sets out to teach the boys some fiscal responsibility by issuing her own currency, Carnes Cash! When the boys manage to manipulate the system she soon realizes her system is flawed. After advice from her parents, it's time to take back her sanity and crush the free market economy that's bringing her household to a grinding halt.
13 juill. 2014
13 juill. 2014
20 juill. 2014
20 juill. 2014
28 juill. 2014
28 juill. 2014
4 août 2014
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