Season 4

Season 4

1. Tempus

Oct 7, 2011
The season four premiere picks up where season three left off, with Helen Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING) standing on a cobblestone street, far from her own time or the modern Sanctuary resources. Having followed her longtime nemesis Adam Worth (IAN TRACEY) through a collapsing time vortex, she is stunned to realize they have both traveled back to London...1898. Worth is determined to change the course of his own history in order to save the life of his daughter -- even at the risk of destroying the entire future -- and Magnus must track him down and stop him before he can make changes too large to remedy. Magnus' dear friend James Watson (PETER WINGFIELD), history's greatest detective and the inspiration for the fictional Sherlock Holmes, deduces the truth about her mission, and together they must find a way to stop Worth. But Victorian London contains unexpected pitfalls for modern-day Magnus, who's frustrated by the return to a time when so many doors were closed to her...

2. Uprising

Oct 14, 2011
Reports continue to flood in of Hollow Earth Abnormals arriving at the surface in droves. With the Lotus Security Forces and government officials taking aggressive action in the name of "defense" Will (ROBIN DUNNE) and Henry (RYAN ROBBINS) attempt to reason with General Villanova (TOM McBEATH) and the U.N.'s Dr. Lee (FRANCOISE YIP). But their pleas for more time and negotiation fall on deaf ears. At the same time, Henry and Will receive a video message from Declan (ROBERT LAWRENSON), showing the devastating decimation of Praxis...where both Magnus and Druitt were last seen. Fearing the worst, they must re-focus on the task at hand and hope that Magnus found a way out before the city was destroyed, unaware that she in fact slipped through the event horizon to the year 1898. Inside the camp, chaos is growing. Bigfoot (CHRISTOPHER HEYERDAHL) and Kate (AGAM DARSHI) have escaped the hostage holding area...

3. Untouchable

Oct 21, 2011
The Sanctuary is facing a detailed inspection by U.N. official Greg Addison (BRIAN MARKINSON). In the wake of the barely-averted Abnormal uprising, world governments are demanding accountability from Helen Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING), who's used to operating independently and in secret. The Sanctuary team rushes to make their facility and databases secure before the inspectors arrive. Magnus and Will (ROBIN DUNNE) are called on the carpet to answer for what went wrong on their recent mission to Jakarta to retrieve a Crixorum, a dangerous Abnormal with psychic powers. Addison warns them that if they don't start cooperating, he has the power to cut off the Sanctuary's funding and shut down the whole network. When he catches them lying to him, things turn hostile and Addison tries to turn Will against Magnus to "save" the Sanctuary. Meanwhile, Henry (RYAN ROBBINS) gets a visit from his girlfriend Erika (PAULINE EGAN), who has an unforeseen problem she needs help with.

4. Monsoon

Oct 28, 2011
"Now cut off from government aid and military protection, the new "rogue" Sanctuary must fend for itself for even the simple staples of heat, taxes and ample electricity. To keep the Sanctuary network running, Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING) flies to a remote island in Africa to meet with a new top secret financial advisor. But before the meeting can take place, Magnus finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time...and in the middle of a dangerous hostage taking. Demanding money and back account numbers, these guys mean business. But so does Magnus. At the Sanctuary, Will (ROBIN DUNNE) and Henry (RYAN ROBBINS) are holding down the fort. Will plans a romantic celebratory dinner for Abby's (PASCALE HUTTON) promotion to Special Agent. But in the middle of their soiree, both their phones start beckons. Henry reports in that an Abnormal has escaped due to a shipping container mix up.

5. Resistance

Nov 4, 2011
The Sanctuary team is on the trail of an Abnormal fugitive, when their quarry is unexpectedly scooped up by a bunch of well-armed operatives from Homeland Security's Specified Counter Insurgency Unit (SCIU), a new agency dedicated to tracking and restraining Hollow Earth Abnormals. But what seems like a failed operation is actually a sting, a Trojan Horse to track down SCIU's hidden detention facility. Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING) and Henry (RYAN ROBBINS) follow the trail, only to discover that the Director of SCIU's secret research lab is none other than Nikola Tesla (JONATHON YOUNG). Their favorite vampire has been recruited by panicked bureaucrats desperate for anyone with Abnormal expertise, and he's only too happy to take government money to fund his own research. Tesla tries to have Magnus and Henry hustled out, but before they get far, they discover there are bigger problems at the the form of a mysterious creature that is stalking the terrified staff.

6. Homecoming

Nov 11, 2011
Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING), Henry (RYAN ROBBINS), and Bigfoot (CHRISTOPHER HEYERDAHL) are startled by an intruder alarm coming from the roof of the Sanctuary. As they rush to the top floor, they discover Bruno (ADAM GREYDON REID) and Sheila (CAROLINE CAVE), a bickering but charming couple of flying Abnormals, who are well known to the Sanctuary for their tall tales. Having landed rather clumsily atop the Sanctuary, Magnus questions their unexpected drop-in. They claim to need some medical help because Sheila is injured, but after Magnus notes that her wounds are suspiciously superficial, they admit they need the Sanctuary's help for other reasons. Magnus reluctantly agrees to a limited partnership, knowing very well that this pair has a tendency to be working an angle. As Bruno and Sheila unravel the details of their situation, their story becomes more and more far-fetched.

7. Icebreaker

Nov 18, 2011
Henry (RYAN ROBBINS) joins Declan (ROBERT LAWRENSON) and a team from the UK Sanctuary investigating a shipwrecked icebreaker on the frozen Bering Sea. A fast-moving storm strands them on the disabled ship, where they find that the original crew has inexplicably killed each other...along with the cargo of Abnormals they were transporting. With no way off the ship and no idea what caused the first crew to turn on each other, the team starts looking for answers, but find only more questions...and suspicions. As their own Sanctuary crew members start going missing one by one, Henry and Alistair (MICHAEL PATRIC), (introduced in the season three episode "Animus,") come under scrutiny. Braving the arctic storm to join their friends, Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING) and Will (ROBIN DUNNE) must uncover the shocking truth about the danger they face.

8. Fugue

Nov 25, 2011
During an investigation, FBI Agent, (and Will's girlfriend) Abby Corrigan (PASCALE HUTTON) is suddenly attacked by an unfamiliar Abnormal. She is taken to the Sanctuary where Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING) and Will (ROBIN DUNNE) desperately try to figure out how to help her. With her condition worsening, Abby is unable to respond to them, making it close to impossible to get further information from her. Henry (RYAN ROBBINS) joins Abby's less-than-savvy FBI partner Gavin (KURT EVANS) as they retrace their steps in search for clues as to what attacked her while Magnus, Will, and Declan (ROBERT LAWRENSON) fight to save her life at the Sanctuary. Sleepless and stressed, the team makes an astonishing discovery when Declan turns on some music...and Abby reacts. This leads Magnus to a break in her research, but leaves her still far from a cure. And when Magnus and Will clash over how to help Abby and who decides her fate, a rift is formed that may not heal.

9. Chimera

Dec 2, 2011
The Sanctuary computers are going haywire. When Henry (RYAN ROBBINS) looks into the problem he discovers an invader -- a Praxian nanite. They learn that the nanite is a relic from when Tesla (JONATHON YOUNG) hooked up the Hollow Earth memory device to the Sanctuary mainframe. Mysteriously, the nanite has become reactivated and now seems bent on taking over their systems. In order to reclaim control, Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING) and Tesla undertake the dangerous mission of hooking themselves up to the computer and plunging into the virtual world to fix the problem at the source. It's a world that looks and feels completely real. As Magnus and Tesla explore the virtual Sanctuary, they encounter a familiar face...and it's none other than Adam Worth (IAN TRACEY). They realize that Worth has been recreated by the organic computer from the image of his brain. Innocent in his understanding of the situation, this version of Worth doesn't initially appear to pose a threat...

10. Acolyte

Dec 9, 2011
"Kate Freelander (AGAM DARSHI) shows up with unwelcome news: Hollow Earth insurgents are planning a major terrorist hit on an above-ground target. While Will (ROBIN DUNNE) and Declan (ROBERT LAWRENSON) join Kate's investigation, Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING) decides she will have to reach out to her hard-nosed opponent, Greg Addison (BRIAN MARKINSON), who heads up the government's Abnormal enforcement agency, SCIU. When Addison claims to have intel implicating Bigfoot (CHRISTOPHER HEYERDAHL) in the impending attack, Magnus can't believe it and defends his innocence. But upon further research, Magnus and Henry (RYAN ROBBINS) discover disturbing evidence that makes it hard to deny their loyal friend has betrayed them. As the clock ticks down to the anticipated attack, the team spreads out to find Biggie and a way to divert the looming threat from becoming a catastrophic reality. "

11. The Depths

Dec 16, 2011
"Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING) and Will (ROBIN DUNNE) are off to Bolivia, in a race with a SCIU extraction team to find a legendary and extremely rare Abnormal. The feathered serpent that the Aztecs called Quetzalcoatl is said to bestow immense powers on his followers. But when Will and Magnus face off against the SCIU team and get trapped by a cave-in, they discover that there's more to the old legends than they expected. Lost and injured, the pair needs to find a way out of the cave to seek medical help. To stay hydrated, Magnus refills their canteens from a spring near the cave-in. But they quickly learn that there's something quite unexpected in the water. As they try to find a way out, Magnus and Will face some harsh truths about themselves and their relationship as they fight their way up from the depths. Back at the Sanctuary, Henry (RYAN ROBBINS) works on a new, futuristic invention while recording a series of video letters to a special someone."

12. Sanctuary for None (Part One)

Dec 23, 2011
Helen Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING) is taken aback when Caleb (GIL BELLOWS), a notorious leader among the Hollow Earth Abnormals, asks for her help in brokering a peace deal between his insurgents and the hostile governments on the surface. He seems sincere in his wish for humans and Abnormals to live in harmony, and Magnus throws her lot in to try to help him -- but she knows they're up against some powerful opposition. As Caleb, with the Sanctuary's help, starts to set up a "homeland" area for the insurgents, SCIU's Greg Addison (BRIAN MARKINSON) gets to work opposing the initiative. In a crafty move, he reactivates Will's (ROBIN DUNNE) federal commission, forcing him to leave the Sanctuary and go to work for what has now become the enemy agency. And Magnus astonishes Will by urging him to go along with it, for reasons she won't explain.

13. Sanctuary for None (Part Two)

Dec 30, 2011
Helen Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING) will do anything to keep the new Abnormal Homeland from turning into the next Warsaw Ghetto. With Bigfoot (CHRISTOPHER HEYERDAHL) gone to work with Caleb (GIL BELLOWS) and Will (ROBIN DUNNE) pressed into service with the enemy agency SCIU, Magnus relies on Henry (RYAN ROBBINS) and Tesla (JONATHON YOUNG). Working in the Sanctuary lab, Henry and Tesla make a horrifying discovery. While Tesla was secretly working on his own personal projects at SCIU, they were watching him closely. After they fired him, they took his work and turned it into something it was never intended to be...the ultimate weapon. Together Henry and Tesla race to find a way to disable the machine before it can be used against innocent Abnormals. Meanwhile in the fenced-in Homeland, Bigfoot and Kate (AGAM DARSHI) risk everything to learn the truth behind Caleb's rise. At SCIU, Greg Addison (BRIAN MARKINSON) discovers that there are plans at work far above his head...


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