Seeking Sister Wife

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Seeking Sister Wife - Season 3 episodes (12)

1 Polygamist and Proud!
The Snowdens have a new girlfriend! The Merrifields take drastic measures to bring their Brazilian bombshell fiancee into their family. After their first wife left, the Joneses are ready to seek again. The Clarks have turmoil in their plural kingdom.
2 Irreconcilable Differences
Tosha makes a bold confession to her mom. Despite their family's concern, The Merrifields forge ahead with their plans for potential sister wife Roberta. Vanessa and Kaleh clash over their differences. The Snowdens' new girlfriend reveals a secret.
3 I Gotta Have Faith
The Merrifields head to Mexico to reunite with fiancee Roberta. The plot thickens as the Snowdens reveal a new twist in their world. Rather than search online, the Joneses go out on the town. Life in the Winder home is looking very different these days...
4 Emotions and Commotions
The Snowdens welcome a new girlfriend! The Merrifields scout wedding venues with Roberta, leaving Dannielle to feel like a third wheel. The Clarks work on their relationship with explosive results. The Winders' family members question their lifestyle.
5 Sharing Is Caring
Roberta makes a shocking confession to Dannielle. The Joneses navigate dating during the pandemic. The Clarks try to make sense of everything that happened with Kaleh. The Snowdens continue to get to know Tayler and wonder if she might be the one.
6 Got To Be Real
Sister wife Roberta gives Garrick an ultimatum. The Snowdens make a big decision about their potential sister wife Tayler. The Joneses prefer to meet people in person but set up an online dating profile to try something new. Sophie Winder goes into labor!
7 Miss You Much
Chrissy returns to LA just before the shutdown and meets Tayler for the first time. The Merrifields say a tearful goodbye to Bert. The Winders debate if they're ready for Kimberley to visit. The Clarks' relationship with Kaleh is tested during quarantine.
8 Full House
Tensions rise for the Snowdens as the new family of nine is forced to quarantine under one roof! The Joneses video chat with a new potential sister wife. The Winders prepare for Kimberley's visit. Jarod Clark finds unexpected chemistry with a friend.
9 You Dropped a Bomb on Me
Dannielle questions Garrick as her insecurities with Roberta intensify. The Winders hope sparks will fly during potential sister wife Kimberley's visit. The Clarks get an unexpected bomb drop on their date with Emily. Sidian goes on a solo date!
10 Deeper and Deeper
The Merrifields receive some unexpected news from Roberta, while the Snowdens consider the future with Chrissy. The Winders deepen their bond with Kimberley. The Clarks meet a new potential sister wife. Sidian reveals details from his date with Alexandra.
11 Can't Fight This Feeling
Dimitri plans a special surprise for Chrissy. The Merrifields reunite with Bert in Mexico, but tensions flare as things get real. The Winders discuss courting Kimberley. The Clarks question their seeking journey. The Joneses have a rough night with Alex.
12 One Nation
The Snowdens are set to marry Chrissy, but will her family in South Africa object to this polygamous union? Garrick shares some unexpected news as Dannielle grapples with the reality of Roberta actively trying to get pregnant and move to the US.

About this show

Seeking Sister Wife documents the lives of three very unique families who are all in various phases of seeking, dating or transitioning a new sister wife into their lives.

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59 reviews
A Google user
April 1, 2019
paige Mcgee is not a nice pweson and is incapable of being a sister wife or even a good wife. She isa control freak and always has to be right. A person cannot forbe another to agree or acquiese to them by yelling and intimidation. Shewould not want to have me be a potenial sister wife... no one yells at me... no one andi do not care whose housr i am in. You are in the Almighty's house Paige.. show some respect for yourself and All others.
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Sarah LaBo
October 1, 2021
Love this show. I don't think Page should have agreed to this if she wasn't going to be ok with it in the first place. You know it wasn't going to work because of her reaction on the first date with Brandy. I thought Brandy was a beautiful match for Bernie. I love the Winters. They are in it for the right reasons.
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Elisa Stone
April 23, 2019
bernie should leave page and be with brandy because brandy could make him happy they have a spark it shows and page needs to go see dr.phil she will never accept the fact that bernie with another lady he and brandy makes a happy couple and sparks fly when they together bernie seems happy with brandy page is to bossy and controlling
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